BTB Tourism Gold Standard Consultancy

The Belize Tourism Board has launched the “Tourism Gold Standard” Recognition Program for hotels in the country.   This 9-point program seeks to enhance the tourism industry’s health and safety standards by adopting new behaviors and procedures to ensure both employees and travelers are confident in the cleanliness and safety of Belize’s tourism product.

Tourism Gold Standard hotels are those that:

  1. Appoint a Gold Standard Program Manager to implement protocols and ensure compliance
  2. Implement Monitoring & Reporting system to conduct non-invasive health checks
  3. Ensure Social Distancing Protocols for workers and visitors
  4. Implement Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitization Procedures
  5. Develop a Response Plan to properly manage COVID-19 suspected cases
  6. Ensure Clear & Consistent Communication with employees and guests of the protocols and their impact
  7. Install Sanitization Stations
  8. Deploy technology such as online check-in/out, contactless payment systems, and automated ordering/booking systems
  9. Implement a training plan for staff to ensure that they are prepared to manage and implement the protocols

During this challenging time of the pandemic, our team has put together a complete package of services to assist properties with their applications for the BTB Hotel license and to be able to receive their Gold Standard Certificate from the Belize Tourism Board. We have designed a turn-key process to meet your compliance requirements. Our process and contacts will reduce the time and effort to obtain the necessary licensing to offer your rental services.

Gold Standard Certificate


Gold Standard property review

Review property for inspection compliance and remedy missing requirements

Gold Standard policies and procedures, logs

Write all policies and procedures, make all logs required by BTB

Pictures and signs

Provide a list of signs required on the property, obtain pricing, order, and oversee installation.

Supplies Provide a list of PPE and cleaning supply equipment, obtain pricing, order and deliver

Gold Standard application

Complete the application and supplemental materials to include with the application

Tracking and making adjustments during the application process

Work with BTB to track application to approval and issuance


Develop training for management

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