Belize Wedding Resorts

Top 20 Reasons for a Belize Wedding

Interested in a destination wedding but concerned about the distance? Well, don’t. Belize is quickly becoming the destination wedding center for North America and the Belize wedding resorts have a genius for transforming even modest ceremonies into spectacles. From fundamental arrangements to all-inclusive packages customized to accommodate your palate and means, why go anywhere else?

Here are 20 excellent ideas to get married in Belize:

Belize wedding resorts1. Your pictures will be beautiful–especially when taken in the afternoon as the golden rays of the sun make everyone look superb, even your mothers-in-law!

2. No need to feed the distant cousins, including Aunt Karen who spoils most weddings anyway. Experience an opulent wedding for less money because your wedding party will be tiny enough to make your special day both extravagant and affordable.

3. Connect with other newlyweds. As Belize is quickly becoming Central America’s wedding destination, you may make lifelong friends with other newlyweds to stay in touch with in the future.

4. Uncover just who are your closest friends. Invite them and if they don’t make it to your Belizean celebration, you will know who’s who.

5. In Belize, everyone speaks English. No need to struggle with language while you are putting together your wedding ceremony and you can use one of our experienced San Pedro wedding event planners.

6. Save money. The ordinary 120 guest wedding averages $30,000 USD. Contrast that to a full-blown Belizean soire. If your gathering is large enough, you can reserve the whole resort for your big day.

7. Save money on the honeymoon. You are already here, in Belize. Bam! Immediate honeymoon.

Belize beach weddings8. Jungle? Beach? Waterfall? All locations are possible here in Belize. Whether you dream of having your wedding in a cave, on a beach, at a Mayan ruin, or even a local church, your options are limitless.

9. Your wedding planner does everything. Incorporated in basic wedding packages are assistance with your wedding license, the honeymoon suite, floral arrangements, music by DJ or Live, and tropical location, all at one price.

10. Belizean cuisine is yummy. Indulge your guests with gourmet food cooked by Belizean chefs experienced in European cuisines and ethnically-rich plates that exhibit Belize’s various cultures.Belize weddings

11. It’s simple to obtain a marriage license. Show up four days before your wedding ceremony, show your passport to prove the day you arrived in Belize and that’s it.

12. Belize Weddings provide a broad assortment of extras, like couples massages, reception planning, professional photographer/videographer, in-country airfare, and even a pastor.

13. Belize weather is heavenly. All-year-round. Sincerely.

14. Your matrimony will be acknowledged everywhere, it’s just as legal in Belize as it would be if you married in Las Vegas, Paris, or Los Angeles.

15. There are no clothing constraints for your guests, either. Notify your guests that your Belize wedding ceremony and reception will be held on a secluded beach, on a yacht, or at one of our many Belize Wedding Resorts and they can decide to wear whatever they deem appropriate.

16. You can wear whatever you like here in Belize. Whether it be a floral sarong, white gown, bedazzled pedal pushers, or a skimpy swimsuit. There are no Bridal Fashion Police here in Belize, so feel free to wear whatever you like.

17. Peaceful wedding planning. Do all of your planning over the Internet with a Belize Wedding planner. We don’t allow grouchy, frazzled couples into Belize. Fly on down, lie on the beach and get the tan other couples pay a small fortune for in tanning beds back home.

Belize Weddings destination Mayan18. It’s super simple to get to Belize. Your Belize wedding guests will find plenty of flights from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. A few of your bold guests may even decide to make your blessed Belize wedding event the excuse they needed for a long tropical vacation!

19. Benefit as rates drop during the slow season in Belize allowing you and your guests to save on flights and hotels, which means you can spend it on the honeymoon instead.

20. Save money on expensive décor since in Belize, Mother Nature is just one of your wedding planners. Many brides complain that their floral invoice is as scary as a home mortgage! However, in Belize, everything is alive and almost always in bloom.